Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist for women

A woman with hypothyroidism symptoms is usually prescribed thyroxine once she gets pregnant. Regular thyroid exams are administered even as the thyroxine dosage is increased.

These are the symptoms that indicate hypothyroidism among women.

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist

No one should take this list for self-diagnosis as the symptoms may also indicate the presence of illnesses other than hypothyroidism. Just like in everything else, you should consult a physician if the symptoms persist.

hypothyroidism sysmptoms checklistA rapid increase in weight is the most common symptom of hypothyroidism condition in women. A rapid increase in weight can be the result of a slowed-down metabolism caused by your thyroid’s not functioning properly.

Menstrual periods that are longer and stronger than usual may also be signs of hypothyroidism. Better make an appointment with your gynaecologist if this condition persists for several months.

A bloated body and a feeling of puffiness are usually symptoms of water retention and a hypothyroid.

A woman who suffers from fatigue and depression, painful joints and muscles, has the tendency of being forgetful, has dried-out skin and is sensitive to cold could have hypothyroidism.

A hypothyroidism condition in advanced form is indicated by myxedema, a skin condition. If left untreated, this advanced condition can cause congestive heart failure and could be fatal.

These symptoms may seem to be related to other individual problems. That is why it is tough to diagnose the disorder on time. To treat hypothyroidism naturally, watch this video https://youtu.be/wGEDw1BYxNY