Hypothyroidism can make life horrible for women

Hypothyroidism is a horrible condition and can make life horrible for women, so in this post I will share how bad things can get.

Why are hypothyroidism symptoms in women so horrible

Hypothyroidism has symptoms that you should be able to detect so you can seek medical help as early as possible. If a woman’s thyroid is underactive or she has hypothyroidism, she will suffer from a deficiency in a hormone called thyroxine. A deficient in a person’s thyroid gland hormone will have the following symptoms: memory loss, fatigue, weight gain due to reduced metabolic rate, and dry skin.

hypothyroidism symptomsHypothyroidism is often the result of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease which is the most common form of thyroid hormone deficiency. This condition mostly affects women and can lead to high cholesterol levels.

Thyroid conditions are one of the main health issues among women. Throughout the menopausal phase, most women show thyroid problem symptoms. It is during this difficult phase that 50% of women with symptoms of hypothyroidism are documented.

As menopause sets in, the body’s hormones undergo changes that can pose psychological as well as physiological challenges to a woman. Thyroid gland disease could also cause irregular menstruation.Women should wait for their thyroid functions to get normalized before they get pregnant if they suffer from pre-existing thyroid conditions.

Next, we will share the most common hypothyroid symptoms.