Selling Your House

September 22, 2016

A while ago, I was called in to help with a house that had been on the market for a while and had failed to sell. It was in a good area of London, Chelsea in fact and had been recently refurbished, so was well presented throughout.

The asking price was about right too and it had been on the market for just over a year. The feedback from viewings was that it 'Just didn't feel right' .

I was called in to investigate and discovered dark energy under the house and also polluted energetic lines running through the property. Its environment did not feel good and I quickly saw what the problem was: People were being put off by this dark energy.

I set about clearing the dark energy and sanctified/harmonized the environment.

Just 3 days later, 2 viewings were done and the feedback was very different. The house sold at asking, quickly afterwards.

This particular case highlights the need for a clear environment. A well dressed and presented property isn't always the full picture, especially in cities or cases of a probate sale.

Iain BalmainIain Balmain

In 2007, my whole life changed in ways I could never have imagined. I had been working in London’s financial district as a trader and property renovator when I experienced a profound spiritual awakening.

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