Some hypothyroidism treatments that work

Hypothyroidism should not be left untreated because it is a very serious condition.

The main treatment that is provided nowadays is through the intake of synthesized hormones in the form of pills or injection. But a natural way of treating thyroid problems has been discovered.

Best natural hypothyroidism treatments

natural hypothyroidism treatmentsVarious herbs are being used in the medical world to create the best herbal medicines for the treatment of thyroid problems. Some of these herbs are –

Mullein leaves – they have some of the best healing properties. They help in reducing inflammation caused by the muscles and thyroid tissues.

Lobelia – though not much has been researched about this herbal plant, it is being used for various health treatments. It usually helps the body in getting rid of all toxins.

Bladderwrack – also known as Fucus vesiculosus. It is an excellent stimulant and a good source of iodine. The herb is usually taken in the form of capsules or simply as tea.

Irish Moss – another hypothyroidism treatment that works.

Cayenne – the herbs causes the body to sweat and cleanse itself of all kinds of toxins that lead to inflammation

Coleus – this is one of the most useful herbs. It assists in restoring the normal thyroid gland function of the easy excretion of thyroxine hormone at the normal level.

St. John of Wort – the herb is extremely helpful in the treatment of depression which further helps in boosting the immune system of the body.

Kelp – this is one of the most important sources of iodine which is much needed for the treatment of goiter.

These are just but a few herbs that can be used for the natural treatment of thyroid problems. A word of caution – Ensure that you consult an expert herbalist before trying any of these medicinal herbs.

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist for women

A woman with hypothyroidism symptoms is usually prescribed thyroxine once she gets pregnant. Regular thyroid exams are administered even as the thyroxine dosage is increased.

These are the symptoms that indicate hypothyroidism among women.

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist

No one should take this list for self-diagnosis as the symptoms may also indicate the presence of illnesses other than hypothyroidism. Just like in everything else, you should consult a physician if the symptoms persist.

hypothyroidism sysmptoms checklistA rapid increase in weight is the most common symptom of hypothyroidism condition in women. A rapid increase in weight can be the result of a slowed-down metabolism caused by your thyroid’s not functioning properly.

Menstrual periods that are longer and stronger than usual may also be signs of hypothyroidism. Better make an appointment with your gynaecologist if this condition persists for several months.

A bloated body and a feeling of puffiness are usually symptoms of water retention and a hypothyroid.

A woman who suffers from fatigue and depression, painful joints and muscles, has the tendency of being forgetful, has dried-out skin and is sensitive to cold could have hypothyroidism.

A hypothyroidism condition in advanced form is indicated by myxedema, a skin condition. If left untreated, this advanced condition can cause congestive heart failure and could be fatal.

These symptoms may seem to be related to other individual problems. That is why it is tough to diagnose the disorder on time. To treat hypothyroidism naturally, watch this video

Hypothyroidism can make life horrible for women

Hypothyroidism is a horrible condition and can make life horrible for women, so in this post I will share how bad things can get.

Why are hypothyroidism symptoms in women so horrible

Hypothyroidism has symptoms that you should be able to detect so you can seek medical help as early as possible. If a woman’s thyroid is underactive or she has hypothyroidism, she will suffer from a deficiency in a hormone called thyroxine. A deficient in a person’s thyroid gland hormone will have the following symptoms: memory loss, fatigue, weight gain due to reduced metabolic rate, and dry skin.

hypothyroidism symptomsHypothyroidism is often the result of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease which is the most common form of thyroid hormone deficiency. This condition mostly affects women and can lead to high cholesterol levels.

Thyroid conditions are one of the main health issues among women. Throughout the menopausal phase, most women show thyroid problem symptoms. It is during this difficult phase that 50% of women with symptoms of hypothyroidism are documented.

As menopause sets in, the body’s hormones undergo changes that can pose psychological as well as physiological challenges to a woman. Thyroid gland disease could also cause irregular menstruation.Women should wait for their thyroid functions to get normalized before they get pregnant if they suffer from pre-existing thyroid conditions.

Next, we will share the most common hypothyroid symptoms.